Trading Art Cards Submission

Submit your exceptional artwork to Trading Art Cards today! Join our community of talented artists, illustrators, and designers, and bring your creativity to life in a unique trading card format. Be a part of the journey to inspire imagination and appreciation for the arts.

Get Your Artwork Cherished and Recognized

The mission of Trading Art Cards is to provide a premier platform for artists, illustrators, designers, and creatives to showcase their exceptional talent and skills in a unique and special format. Our trading cards measure 63 x 88 mm and serve as a distinctive canvas for exhibiting the imagination and creativity of these talented individuals. Through our platform, we aim to celebrate and promote the beauty of art and design, foster a love for creativity and innovation, and bring joy and inspiration to people's lives. It is our honor to play a role in promoting art appreciation and education, and to contribute to a world that is more vibrant, beautiful, and enriched through the wonders of art and design.

Trading Art Cards – Submission Procedure

To have your artwork considered for inclusion in Trading Art Cards, kindly first review our guidelines and then submit your work to the Museo del Design - Trading Art Cards special competition category at the A’ Design Awards. Participation in the competition is free, and it provides a platform for artists, illustrators, and designers to showcase their exceptional talent and skills. If selected as a winner, you will be asked to grant us a license for your work. Upon receipt of the confirmed license, we will proceed with creating a prototype for your review and approval. Once the prototype is confirmed, we will initiate the printing process and include your card in our collections and sets. We will also promote your card through our social media channels and feature it prominently on our website. Upon completion of the printing process, we will send you a limited number of copies for your personal collection.

Trading Art Cards – Submission Guidelines

To ensure that submitted works adhere to the high standards and expectations of Museo del Design, designers are kindly advised to adhere to the following guidelines during submission: First of all, the artwork should be high quality, visually appealing, and meet professional standards. Moreover, the submitted artwork must be original work and not infringe on any intellectual property rights, copyrights, or trademarks. The submission should be the designer's own creation and not a replication or adaptation of another artist's work, or include or feature any third-party intellectual property. For full art cards, the artboard should measure 75 x 100 mm which should be submitted as a PDF document (this already includes 6 mm safety margins from both sides), 600 DPI resolution and CMYK color scheme, while for standard artwork, you should submit a primary image that is 3600 x 3600 pixels, 72 DPI, RGB JPEG. Finally, the artwork should be ethical and not contain any hateful or offensive content, including but not limited to violence or discriminatory themes. By adhering to these guidelines, designers will have a better chance of having their work selected for inclusion in Trading Art Cards, and contributing to its mission of promoting good design and creative arts worldwide.

Trading Art Cards – Legal Disclaimer

Designers who wish to have their works considered for inclusion in Trading Art Cards must apply to the Museo del Design Trading Art Cards Design Competition, which is organized by A' Design Awards. Participation is free and open to entrants from all countries, and provides a platform for artists to showcase their exceptional artworks. By submitting their work, artists will be contractually obliged to provide a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, sublicensable, commercial license, that also allows the ability to create derivative works, and the right to modify, adapt, or translate the artwork, without requiring the artist's consent or knowledge, to A' Design Awards and Museo del Design. This license permits the publication, printing, advertising, promotion, use and other exploitation of the artwork in any medium within the scope of Trading Art Cards, and for promoting Trading Art Cards, A' Design Awards, or the Museo del Design in any way or medium.

These terms are designed to give Trading Art Cards maximum flexibility in using and promoting the artwork while the artist retains the copyrights. These terms are further designed to protect Trading Art Cards, Museo del Design, and A' Design Awards and ensure that all parties can use and promote the artwork in a fair and legally binding manner. Before submitting their work, artists should consult an intellectual property and copyright lawyer to carefully review and understand the terms of the license. Once the artist submits their work and signs the license, they will not be able to revoke it.

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